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Goodbye 2020... Goodbye Nlyst...

It has been a challenging year for many individuals, families, and small businesses. This year has been marked by uncertainty for recent graduates and many of the small and mid-sized businesses that hire them. Amidst a major pandemic and economic upheaval, paired with the resultant need to pivot Nlyst's operational and commercial model while rebuilding lost momentum, it only made sense to shut down operations completely.

What's ending?

Nlyst will no longer function as a business, connecting companies to underserved talent from top universities, nor continue to programmatically recruit, provide detailed resume feedback, or provide interview practice and feedback to candidates.

What's not ending?

The website will continue to host resources for job-seekers. This includes a combination of thought leadership, templates, how-to guides and job search advice, accessible from the blog and homepage.

What's next?

On a personal level, I remain deeply committed to fostering early career talent in a mentoring and advisory capacity, particularly to those individuals who have invested their time in Nlyst.

I also am deeply grateful to the countless individuals who have supported Nlyst over the past two years, particularly the Rhode Island startup community, and the Axiom-alumni network. Many have provided their time, thoughtful advice, and access to their networks that have proven to be invaluable to building the company. I will continue to pay that support forward to others.

Lastly, if you are considering exploring the market for entry-level careers, as either an investor, founder, candidate, or executive, please let me know how I can be helpful. Happy to share everything I know and all that I've learned.




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