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Gig or get out?

Kronos, through the Workforce Institute released their latest report on Gen Z and the workplace.

According to their study: "Gig in or get out: When asked what they want in a career, Gen Z desires align with the benefits that only traditional work guarantees. Gen Zers would hesitate to go all-in with the gig economy because of unwillingness to give up the stability (47%), predictable pay (46%), workplace structure (26%), health benefits (26%), predictable schedules (22%), mentorship opportunities (17%), and manager support (16%) that a traditional job may offer. "

But does the gig economy need to be so black and white? While many folks associate the gig economy with driving for Uber, delivering for DoorDash or freelancing on UpWork-- the breadth and diversity of careers enabled through the gig economy is much larger, including those, like Nlyst, who offer many of the trappings of traditional work (mentorship, predictable schedule, benefits), with the flexibility and independence of the gig economy.


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